Benefits of Coaching for Small Business


The term coaching is often seemed to be related to big companies. You might have already heard about big businesses hiring coaches to improve the performance of the employees. But business coaching is not something meant only for big companies and enterprises, even a small business can benefit a lot from coaching. You would very well know that employees have to possess more than just knowledge and skill related to their work/job. A friendly approach, being engaging, commitment, motivation, punctuality, communication skills are very important for any employee these days. Business owners ask the top line managers to offer coaching to the employees. This could be cheap and quick way to coach the employees, however, the manager should be skilled in offering coaching.

Coaching is not just about lip service and telling people what to do, but more than that. One advantage of using DIY or in-house coaching is that a coach would have good knowledge about your organization and its objectives/goals. On the other hand, hiring external coaches could be expensive and moreover, the coaches may not know about your organization much. However, the external coaches can bring in new perspective and ideas, which you and your internal coaches may have never considered. Just consider the pros and cons of both internal coaches and external coaches before making your decision. You can also use both coaches to effectively train your employees.