How to Market Your Law firm with your Logo, Slogan and Website

So you just got your ticket, or you decided to take the plunge and grow your own practice. Let’s me congratulate you. You have taken a bold step. Now its time to get real and get those clients knocking on your door.

Fact is, you are in a competitive field. I don’t care what type of lawyer you are, chances are there are a dozen others within a few miles of you offering the same thing. So, to start, let’s begin the way that most other folks would, on the web. Do you need to be on the first page of a search engine to compete, that depends on your definition of “compete”. If you want a bunch of new business, but are willing to weed through the tire kickers as well as the true clients, then go for it. I, for one, believe in a balanced approach of web and traditional marketing. Start with your budget. What is it? If you can’t answer that, stop reading right now and figure that out. Most of the agencies we deal with have a marketing budget equaling 5-7% of their annual gross billings. If you are just starting up, you’ll have to bootstrap that a bit more. Nonetheless, have a budget to start with. You can always change it.

Start with the following:

A good logo and a good slogan. If you have those 2 items, you already beat close to 50% of your competitors. We do quite a bit in the DUI Industry and there is a DUI Attorney in Orlando who has really done a great job with this. Take a look at his logo and slogan. Then take a look at how he integrated it into the website. While he is a criminal defense attorney, who has an amazing track record, he presents himself as the guy next door who is here to take your worries away. That’s a great marketing strategy.
Think of the way people feel when they come and see you. What are they feeling? What is their monster in their closet? If you can figure that out, then you can become the monster killer. When you are that monster killer, you will be able to close countless clients, because those clients feel understood.

Look at your website. Are you selling the emotion? Are you selling the fact that you are going to help them, or are you simply telling visitors how great you are. If you are doing the latter, you are not speaking the language of your clients, and chances are, you are going to drive them away. Does your website have a strong call to action? Are you telling folks that you are the best solution to their needs?

Are you using third party websites to help establish that you are an experienced leader in your industry?

Are you promoting yourself as an expert in your field? Got a problem with that? Don’t think you are an expert? Experts are self-proclaimed. Go proclaim away.

A great website, slogan and logo combo tells a story. It gives the visitor a certain feeling. You need to decide what you want that feeling to be. You then take that message and begin to duplicate it to other marketing mediums, such as videos, slideshares and information graphics.

Think of your brand. Compare it to the other guys, especially those firms you’ll be competing against. Deliver your message +1 and slowly grow to out-do all of your competitors one digital step at a time.

Money for Starting Your Business


If you do not like to work under someone, then you can simply consider starting your own business and be a boss. Well, nowadays many people are aspiring to become an entrepreneur or a business owner. It is really a nice feeling to be a boss and have many employees under you. However, starting a business is not easy like many people thing. One of the main things required for starting a business is money or capital. You need to invest a hefty amount to start a business.

If you do not have enough money with you, then you can simply obtain money for your business in many other ways. One of the most recommended ways is getting a loan from banks or any other money-lending institute. Another good way to get money is selling some of your old stuff like automobiles, antiques, etc. Selling these items would fetch a decent amount of money that could be used for starting your business. You can also ask your friends and relatives to get money from them as a loan. Some people are very embarrassed to ask money to other individuals. However, this method has its own advantages such as no/low interest rates, no strict procedures, etc.

In addition to obtaining money, you should also think the ways to minimize the expense. There are many experts on the Internet, who are ready to provide advice in this regard. Just browse the Internet to find other ways to obtain the money.

List Of Small Business Ideas That You Can Consider


Nowadays, starting a business has become relatively easier when compared to the past. This is simply due to the changing trends in lifestyle and economics. There are many simple and low cost business ideas that can be implemented easily without much capital. Now, let us look into some of the simple business ideas.

Babysitting: If you are free during day or evening, then you can surely think about starting a babysitting business. You may not need an initial investment to start your own babysitting business. A lot of patience and some skills to handle babies are required for babysitting job.

Blogging: You may not believe, but the fact is that many people are earning a huge amount of money every week by blogging. There are many advertisement programs and affiliation programs, which offer money to the blog owners, who write good posts. If you have the potential to write useful, interesting articles, then you can become a blogger and earn more money.

Housecleaning: Nowadays, lots of people find difficult to clean their homes due to timing restrictions or physical restrictions. Such people are willing to pay good money to anyone, who can clean their homes effectively. Therefore, you can easily start a home cleaning business by investing small money on buying cleaning solutions, mops, etc.

Pet Sitting: Nowadays, lots of people own pet animals in their home, and they want someone to take care of their pets in some occasion. If you are not scared of dogs and other pet animals, then you can start your own pet sitting business.